About us

Welcome to Auction Any Car, your premier destination for hassle-free, efficient, and profitable car selling and buying. With a legacy of over 78 thousand satisfied customers, we've revolutionized the way individuals sell and purchase used vehicles in the United Kingdom. At Auction Any Car, we believe in giving you complete control of the process while ensuring it's as effortless as possible.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide a seamless platform that empowers car owners to sell their vehicles quickly and at their desired price, while offering buyers a diverse range of quality used cars to choose from.


Why Choose Auction Any Car?

Fast and Efficient
Our streamlined process ensures that you can create a free advert for your vehicle in minutes. Fill in some basic information, set the duration of the auction, and specify your minimum desired price. Your car is then ready to go live.


Maximum Exposure
Once your advert is live, your vehicle enters our daily online auction, where thousands of potential buyers eagerly bid on cars similar to yours. This exposure ensures that you receive competitive offers quickly, often within just 24 hours.


In Control
At Auction Any Car, you're in the driver's seat. Your vehicle will not sell until it reaches your minimum desired price, guaranteeing that you are satisfied with the outcome.


Zero Cost to List
Creating an advert on our platform is completely free for sellers. You won't incur any upfront fees to list your vehicle.


Buyers Pay the Fee
We've designed our system so that buyers pay a fee, making it financially advantageous for you as a seller. This means you can list your car without any cost, and the buyer bears the transaction fee.


Customer Satisfaction
Over 87% of our customers not only recommend our platform to others but also return to use it again. Our commitment to excellent service and customer satisfaction is unwavering.


How It Works

Create a Free Advert: Begin by providing basic information about your vehicle and setting the duration of the auction. Specify the lowest price you're willing to accept.

Get Your Highest Offers: Your vehicle enters our daily online auction, where a vast community of potential buyers places their bids.

Complete the Sale: The highest bidder becomes the auction winner and will arrange for collection and payment at the time of collection. We handle all the paperwork, making the process smooth and worry-free.


Choose Your Selling Option

You have two selling options at Auction Any Car:

Accept Instant Offer: If you prefer a quick sale, you can accept an instant offer from one of our trusted buyers.

Create a Free Advert: Alternatively, you can list your vehicle for free and reach out to thousands of trusted buyers in our auction.


Benefits of Selling with Us

Fast Service: We aim to provide same-day payment and free collection services for your convenience.

No Fees: Sellers pay zero fees for listing their vehicles on our platform.

Trusted Buyers: Our community of buyers is thoroughly vetted, ensuring you deal with reliable individuals.

Set Your Minimum Reserve: Maintain control by setting the minimum price at which you're willing to sell your car.

Buy It Now Option: If you receive an offer that meets your expectations, you can choose to accept it instantly.


Serving London and Beyond

Whether you're in the bustling streets of London or anywhere in the UK, Auction Any Car is your go-to platform for selling and buying vehicles. We specialize in auction cars in London and offer damaged cars for sale in London, ensuring that you can find the best deals right where you are.


Hassle-Free Car Selling

Our platform provides a hassle-free experience, whether you want to sell a classic car, a damaged car, or any car in between. You can rely on us to help you get the best price for your vehicle with minimal effort on your part.


Prestige Car Buyers

For those with prestige cars to sell, Auction Any Car is the best place to find serious buyers who appreciate the value of high-end vehicles.


Price to Scrap My Car

We also offer competitive prices to scrap your car, ensuring that you can make the most out of even the most damaged vehicles.

Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and experience the future of car buying and selling with Auction Any Car. List your vehicle for free today and discover the difference for yourself.